Basic Diagram of Kueppers' Theory of Color

Approximately 80% of all information human beings receive are visually transmitted. Visual information is always color information. Forms can only be distinguished through color differences existing in the field of vision. This is an indication regarding the outstanding importance of the Theory of Color for the information technology industry.

In the past many theories have been established about colors. Most of them are only the result of empirical experiences from trades, individual observations, hypotheses or intuitions. Currently we dispose of new firm insights leading to the following logic and provable Theory of Color. This theory is explained in the following pages.

The Basic Law of Color Theory
Brief didactical concept of the Theory of Color for teachers, students and amateurs.

The laws of color theory are compiled in form of a statute-book and divided into 45 sections. Each section announces a proposition furnished with ample commentary which is finally proved through an experiment or demonstration.
216 pages, 135 illustrations 45 of which are multi-colored, List of supply sources for the material required for experiments and demonstrations and bibliography
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series Inc. ISBN 0 8120 2173 8 Paperback Price: $US 12.00
English: Barron's, Woodbury, NY, 1978
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