When Digital Color Values Are Producing The Desired Color Shade on Paper

Everyone who creates colors on the monitor has experienced disappointment about the depressing results of the print if the colors in no way come up to one's expectations. What is the reason? To say it beforehand, the reason is that the persons who developed the hard- and software are not familiar with the up-to-date Theory of Color and many solutions come empirically into being.

Colors in the nature, on the monitor, on the proof, on the print

Upon comparing the original colors with the results on the monitor or on paper we are confronted with the problem of metamerism. Various surface colors may appear identical under one type of illuminant but differ under another one. In addition we are confronted with the fact that the particular primary colors of reproduction processes do not meet the theoretical requirements, and that they have spectral defects (misabsorption and misreflection) limiting the possibilities of reproducing the colors.

Actually, many things cannot be changed as we have to work with the tools that are available on the market. We have no possibilities to influence the composition of monitors, software of color printing machines, and pigments contained in ink cartridges.

But we can install standardized matching lights in order to eliminate the Influence of Illumination on the appearance of colors on paper.

Besides, currently there exists only one way to produce the wanted accurate chromatic results in offset printing. One must choose the desired color from printed tables of standardized colors (e.g. " Color Atlas ") and enter the specified digital color values in the computer. Then, these color values will be truly realized in the screen color separations. That can be verified with a densitometer. However, one should not be put off by the different aspect the colors present on the monitor.

The usage of such a color atlas offers the advantage that one can clearly determine which colors can or cannot be reproduced in print. This way one is able to work on realistic grounds avoiding many unpleasant surprises.

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