Models for Kueppers' Theory of Color

Functional model of vision by Kueppers
It explains both the mode of operation of the visual organ and the laws of Additive Mixture (AddMi), Subtractive Mixture (SubMi), and Integrated Mixture (IntMi).

Two editions of this model have been manufactured and sold. Currently it is sold out. But everyone can make it for himself using cardboard and colored paper. Detailed instructions are provided in DuMont's paperback "The Basic Law of Color Theory (Das Grundgesetz der Farbenlehre)" (10th. edition), pages 44 thru 52.

Functional model of vision by Kueppers Detailed presentation

Adhesive models of one rhombohedron, one octahedron and two tetrahedra
can be cut out from the cover inside of the book Color - Origin, Systematics, Application (van Nostrand Reinhold, NY, 1973).

The rhombohedral color space disintegrates into two tetrahedra and one octahedron when cutting horizontally through those levels on which the chromatic Basic Colors are placed. These three new perfectly symmetric color solids represent the laws of White Mixture, Chromatic Mixture, and Black Mixture which jointly cover up the color space as it were a federalist principle.

Adhesive model of the rhombohedral color space

Rhombohedral color space model
Made of turned wood, 78 cm high, handmade. On the 8 edges the 8 Basic Colors are emphasized by colored spheres. On the achromatic axis, between the White and Black points, the gray grades " light gray ", " neutral gray ", and " dark gray " are likewise emphasized by spheres in the corresponding grades of gray. (Latest model)

Order from: Harald Kueppers,
D-63225 Langen / Germany
Fax: +49 6103 977427,

Price :
in color : € 350,-
natural : € 245,-

Hexahedral (cubic) color space model
This model can be made by oneself using pasteboard or plywood and the color tables contained in the " Color Atlas " (DuMont's Farbenatlas). Make a cubic box with one side open, as shown on the right, in which the color tables can be inserted and pulled like drawers. Detailed instructions are contained in the " Color Atlas ", pages 93 thru 119) (DuMont's Farbenatlas), (8th. edition).

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